Giterary is a tool that helps to just write, while giving you the tools for maintaining the complexity of the novel-writing process.

But really it’s a multi-user wiki combining git and Markdown to manage documents, with the intent on providing git-style source control management and other organization and editing tools tailored for lengthy, complex writing projects.


I wouldn’t ever tell you what to do, but you should probably check out the README.


You can check out the installation instructions.


Everyone could use a little help. Or a huge help file.


A set of frequently asked questions, if you think your questions have been frequently asked.


Play with a test instance of Giterary at the playground.


What kind of a person would do such a thing?


As a tool for creative works, it’s probably important to know what type of license this uses. (Nothing scary, though.)

(You can also view all of this documentation in a single page, if you need to do so.)