Giterary’s author is Josh Rhoades, a programmer, from Alaska. He believes in better living through computer science principals and Penny Arcade comics. He uses Vim, SSH, git, and an aging Macbook Pro.

Giterary began atop a mountain, when someone said “We should write a book.” Despite investigating many alternatives, no software solution solved this particular problem in a way that made sense. And thus a project was born.

The bulk of Giterary was created in the span of about 6 months, starting summer 2012. It was inspired initially by the Wigit codebase for its minimal solution and its few required dependencies.

If you’re interested, an article exists for Giterary on its programming decisions and conventions, plus licensing information, if that interests you.

Thanks go to:

  • Mike Rutledge, beta tester
  • Katy Laurance, beta reader
  • My parents, for asking good questions
  • John Gruber and the contributors to Markdown
  • Michael Fortin and the contributors to PHP Markdown
  • John Fraser and the maintainers at Showdown
  • Christian Bach and the contributors at Tablesorter
  • Remko Tronçon for his work on Wigit
  • Whoever added the “—-follow” tag to git log

And everyone who had to listen to me go on about this, and were disappointed that I wasn’t actually writing a book. (yet)