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# License

**Author's interpretation of the GNU Public License**

The [GNU Public License](LICENSE.txt) is a general license for the distribution
of free software ("free" as in "freedom," not "free" as in "beer"). You can
receive, modify, and distribute Giterary's codebase under the GPL, which is to
say, in a very open fashion. However, as you received it under this license, I
am not held accountable for anything that happens as a result of your use of it.
I also disclaim and have no legal rights to things you create with Giterary.
Make great things, you owe me nothing.

I made this to help people write and organize their stuff, but I provide no
guarantees. If you're going to write something important, I can't stress enough
the importance of figuring out how to ensure that your writing or your work is
never lost. Giterary attempts to make this process easy by only ever dealing
with files, directories, and tools trusted by hundreds of thousands of other
developers, and licensing it such that other developers can potentially make it
a better product, but that doesn't stop hard drive failure or theft.

I would ask that you don't use my name or the name *Giterary* for commercial
gain without my permission, but the GPL license does not forbid you to do so.
Plus, I don't have a high degree of confidence that I'm the only person to ever
use the name *Giterary*.

If you have licensing questions on the use of Giterary I am happy to field them.
Not that I'm particularly well-versed in the legal quagmire that is intellectual
property law, but you know, I'll try to help.

 \- Josh Rhoades