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Example Story

This will house a series of documents and templates, structured in a way that demonstrates ways to use Giterary’s features.

Mike: feel free to add to this. All input is welcome. * Bookmaking (Chapters, Scenes, etc.) * Worldbuilding (People, places, nomenclature) * Media (Images, Music, etc.) * Collections and Lists * Tags and Searches * Templates (Templating Material) * Notes (Notes, Journal Entries) * Journal Entries (New Journal Entry)

---- * TODO: Hierarchy, similar to Skysail, breaking out by: * Worldbuilding, worksheets, etc. * Timelines, tables, etc. * Journal Entries * Images, media * Names, nomenclature * Navigational/organizational pages (lists, collections, tags, etc.) * TODO: Templates * Chapter sheet templates * Country templates * Scene templates * TODO: Replicate Planner/Binder layout of LSBX * Collection of collections. ~mike ~help