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Giterary's author is Josh Rhoades, a programmer, from Alaska. He believes in better living through computer science principals and [Penny Arcade comics][pa]. He uses [Vim][vim], [SSH][openssh], [git][git], and an aging Macbook Pro.
[git]: http://git-scm.org
[vim]: http://vim.org
[openssh]: http://openssh.com
[pa]: http://penny-arcade.com
Giterary began atop a mountain, when someone said "We should write a book." Despite investigating many alternatives, no software solution solved this particular problem in a way that made sense. And thus a project was born.
The bulk of Giterary was created in the span of about 6 months, starting summer 2012. It was inspired initially by the [Wigit codebase](http://el-tramo.be/software/wigit/) for its minimal solution and its few required dependencies.
If you're interested, an article exists for Giterary on its [[CONVENTIONS|programming decisions and conventions]], plus [[LICENSE|licensing]] information, if that interests you.
Thanks go to:
* Mike Rutledge, beta tester
* Katy Laurance, beta reader
* My parents, for asking good questions
* John Gruber and the contributors to [Markdown][dfmarkdown]
* Michael Fortin and the contributors to [PHP Markdown][phpmarkdown]
* John Fraser and the maintainers at [Showdown][showdown]
* Christian Bach and the contributors at [Tablesorter][tablesorter]
* Remko Tronçon for his work on [Wigit][wigit]
* Whoever added the "--follow" tag to *git log*
And everyone who had to listen to me go on about this, and were disappointed that I wasn't actually writing a book. *(yet)*
[dfmarkdown]: http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/
[phpmarkdown]: http://michelf.ca/projects/php-markdown/
[showdown]: https://github.com/coreyti/showdown
[tablesorter]: http://tablesorter.com/docs/
[wigit]: http://el-tramo.be/software/wigit/