Diff for CHANGELOG (Commits: f81cf4, 0ae21b, Adding changelo )

Change Log: * 2013/02/05: Quickjumping, with formatting to indicate matches. * 2013/02/03: Adding cleaner, more functional Markdown buttons to editing interface. * 2013/01/31: Adding button to disable live preview. * 2013/01/27: Adding “Table of Contents” checkbox and hotkey, similar to decorations. * 2013/01/21: “Commit and Edit,” for committing changes thus far but keeping on editing while saving place in the editor. * 2013/01/20: TODO syntax and searching. * 2013/01/19: Implementing “escaping” of wikilink/functionlink syntax. * 2013/01/19: Implementing the ability to have a CSV password file. * 2013/01/19: Modularizing login mechanisms. * 2013/01/17: Live preview works with functions. * 2013/01/16: “Plain” diff output, additional wikilink syntax for “functions” links (works on backend, still needs frontend work for live preview). * 2013/01/14: “Raw” output of files. * 2013/01/14: CSV handling. * 2013/01/13: Added “partitioning” of files to easy split large documents into component parts and automatically generating collections to “stitch” them together. * 2012/12/17: Added “Cherrypicking” of changes. * 2012/12/16: Improved caching, added access key combo to search box. * 2012/12/13: Implemented low-level caching. De-hoverized the diff output pages. * 2012/12/10: Better cursor/caret indicator to the right (causes less errors). Better blame coloring. * 2012/12/07: Changing scroll synchronization semantics, replacing the less accurate scroll position synchronization with the synchronization of a more accurate cursor position. * 2012/12/06: Modified TOC to be “snappable,” depending on browser window width. * 2012/12/04: Adding “Decorations” checkbox, as well as “Other options” dropdown for economic use of space. * 2012/12/02: Live-preview word count, plus improved decorations to show dialog/annotations reasonably in live preview window. * 2012/11/29: {Introduced new annotation syntax.}[a7b] * 2012/11/28: Added resize window height persistence, as well as additional styling tweaks. * 2012/11/25: Added “live preview,” along with side-by-side editing of Markdown documents. * 2012/11/18: Adding a “What Links Here” button to articles. * 2012/11/12: Improving/coloring diff output. * 2012/11/11: Adding annotation shortcuts from editing interface (control-backtick). * 2012/11/10: Previewing edits now attempts to scroll edit/preview windows to relevant edited content (last scroll position) * 2012/11/09: Adding “as” parameter to index.php page viewers to allow for overrides on renderer of choice. * 2012/11/05: Adding “wrap” suffix for outputting 80-character width column wrapping mode. * 2012/11/04: Adding version-aware stats page. * 2012/10/23: Hover highlighting of “dialog” elements. * 2012/09/08: Added directory counts to views. Also, drafts might be working. * 2012/09/05: Halfway through drafts. Saving, but no way to retrieve. * 2012/08/29: Search now searches on both file name and file contents. File name search is case sensitive. * 2012/08/28: Moving directories around no longer puts working directory in invalid state. * 2012/08/19, part 2: Search box in non-stupid place. Last visited listing in navigation bar. * 2012/08/19: Corrected Git repo configuration to support pushes into a non-bare repository. * 2012/08/15: Got internal linking working with table of contents generation. Also, searching. * 2012/08/12: Adding basic pieces/parts for collections. * 2012/08/09: Changed linking syntax from single square brackets to double square brackets for mysterious reasons. * 2012/08/06: Delete and move appears to be working. * 2012/08/05: Basic delete functionality working. * 2012/08/04: Directory views and navigation appear to work. {a7b}: Following some of the conventions of the link references already existing in Markdown.